Personal CrossFit training in Edmond, Ok.

Family of fun, fitness, and accountability that only personal training can give you.

Personal CrossFit training for personal goals.

Do you like working solo, or do you have particular goals you are trying to reach? Here you will find individual check-ins and workouts that align directly with your goals. We use the CrossFit methodology and apply its principles to you. By doing this, we will maximize the effectiveness and frequently allows feedback to optimize your results. Personal training is catered specifically to you and your fitness needs. Our highly trained team of coaches will motivate, guide, and will help you get started. We take pride in accountability regarding our members, and we will not let you fail.
Personal CrossFit Training For Men

Military Prep for men.

Many men answer the call of duty in the armed forces. We have personally had the privilege to work with and prep services members. We have a deep respect for these individuals and thoroughly enjoy assisting them on their journey. Traditional CrossFit is a great way to help give candidates a mental edge over some of their peers when times get tough in Bootcamp, BUD/s, Selection, and day to day operations in the military. For these prospects, I recommend personal training specific to these programs, including additional running and swimming training and upper body pulling and pushing to maximize scores on their respective test. We have had great success mixing these specific items with our traditional CrossFit workouts.

Personal Confidence for women.

We strongly encourage all women to try personal training with one of our amazing coaches. You can trust that they will help you get the most out of a training program. Our coaches dig deep past your surface goals to expose your strengths. We find more often than not that we all have insecurities and are looking to conquer them. Once we get to know who you are, then the output becomes pretty straightforward, unlocking your true potential. So if you have ever felt this way, we would highly recommend working with one of our coaches to help you understand that you are capable of some truly incredible things.
Personal CrossFit Training For Women

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Group Training

Group Training

Group CrossFit is the bread and butter of our fitness program. We combine the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a high intensity and mix in our family level of accountability that comes from a group CrossFit atmosphere.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Miss CrossFit, but have concerns about COVID-19? Virtual training might be the solution. We combine the movements of Crossfit through a digital platform that allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home.