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Great gym and great people all around! I was only able to be here for a short time but in that short time I got great results! Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into CrossFit!

Darian Mixon

October 31, 2021

Great gym and great family atmosphere. The coaches are very knowledgeable and really take care of you and want to make sure you have great form and stay healthy. I really like the accountability which held me to a high standard and pushed me out of my comfort zone. If you’re looking for a place to push yourself and surround yourself with a great crew, Cody, Blake and Brooke, along with other coaches I haven’t met, are awesome and will do just that. CrossFit Never Broken is the place to be.

Russell Henry

October 29, 2021

Great establishment that will keep you humble! As a former college football athlete I am constantly reminded of all my old habits and the coaches are great about letting you know! They care about your body and make sure form and technique is priority over just throwing around weight.

Bryce Deemer

August 27, 2021

Be forewarned, the music is terrible, but that just makes the workouts a little more mentally challenging, and that's a good thing. Everyone is pretty nice, but I'm easily the nicest one there. Please note: I've been instructed by management to stop approaching and introducing myself to new people until they've been a member for awhile, so you'll need to introduce yourself to me initially, but we can be friends after that.


This gym is awesome. All trainers and paricipants have positive attitudes and are extremely pleasant and helpful. The workouts are a perfect intensity, with individualized scaling options always present. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to workout in this area.

Ryan Kalish

August 11, 2021

I live in California, but whenever i'm in Oklahoma, Crossfit Never Broken is where I am training at no questions asked. The coaches and the environment here makes for a very comfortable yet exciting place to improve and accomplish my fitness goals. They have set the standard for how a crossfit gym should be!

John Anwanwan

July 11, 2021

I had never done crossfit before, but the coaches all made it very easy to transition in to the workouts. They all are always walking around making sure our weightlifting technique is right, and they start you out with less weight to be sure the technique is there. Everyone at the gym is friendly, and they all come with a mindset to do the best they can. There are great alternative options for the workout if you cannot do it how it is written. Cody got right back to me when I requested information about the location, and he and the other staff are very friendly and very good at what they do.

Ryan Jennings

May 11, 2021

Great Gym with a great group of patrons. Energy is always high, and everyone pushes one another to get better every session. I'm new to the area and to the gym, but have been to many Crossfit style gyms all over the nation. Crossfit Never Broken is absolutely one of the best I've ever stepped foot in. So glad I made the choice to join.

Craig Serpa

April 28, 2021

They were kind enough to let me drop in even on short notice. Met some cool ppl that were even cheering me on within minutes of knowing them. Great environment and ppl! Can't wait to go back!

Justin Dillard

March 24, 2021

Caroline Paige

March 22, 2021

I've been an off and on member of the big box gyms for years with little or no success. But with CrossFit Never Broken Coaches, I am now in the best shape of my life and getting better everyday. Cody, Brooke, Kat & Cristy have not only given me the motivation to succeed but also have helped me get rid of my bad habits mainly, form and diet. But what make this place truly special is the other members. A great community of other athletes pushing as a team! Best experience of my life.

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March 17, 2021

I travel all over the US for work, this is by far my favorite gym to drop in when in town. Great WOD’s Great Coaches Chill Atmosphere

Sam Smith

March 15, 2021

Welcoming environment, great coaches! I’ve tried the traditional gyms before and couldn’t find that passion to want to come back, The Never Broken Family provides that! I’ve been a member 8 months and counting with my 15 year old daughter!

Angela Brooks

March 15, 2021

The staff was amazing! They were super helpful! Best gym I have been too!


March 15, 2021

The workouts will kill you but the coaches are amazing and push you to do your best. Wouldn’t wanna be at another gym


March 15, 2021

This place rocks!! Great community feeling

Jostate Jostate

December 15, 2020

The coaching staff truly cares about your safety, technique and goals, while also challenging you. The members are amazing and there is a great sense of community to be found here. I cannot recommend it enough.

Josh Myers

December 7, 2020

Checked out CrossFit Never Broken to see what CrossFit was all about. It was a great experience. I felt super welcomed from the trainers to the fellow enthusiasts. I had no idea what to expect but I’m glad I checked it out. This place is definitely something special!

Oswaldo Orozco

October 7, 2020

The best kind of people you could ask to be around! Fun atmosphere that makes you want to come back.

Warren Wand

September 6, 2020

I started crossfit and working personally with Cody to prep for my upcoming Military Physical Training Test and I saw huge results!! I had never lifted weights before but after about a month of training at the gym, I could tell a huge difference. My minute of pushups went from 10 (not very good form) to 32 and my form was way stronger. My 1.5 mile run time also went from around a 14:30 to a 11:58. Training aside, the overall atmosphere at the gym is incredible and it truly feels like a family when you walk in. I was welcomed with open arms and always felt at home! Totally recommend!!!

Abby Hudson

August 5, 2020

I had never tried CrossFit before but Cody was so welcoming and patient! Before I started the classes he went through every workout, what it is, and how to do it. When it came time for the classes, the coaches and the individuals working out were very friendly and would give advice if you struggled with something. I will definitely miss CFNB but after school when I move back home, I will be coming back!

Madison Dean

July 28, 2020

Awesome atmosphere & people! I look forward to class because it is one of the best hours of my day!

Brian Twitty

July 25, 2020

Ae Vongsee

March 17, 2020

CrossFit never broken is a great place to grow. Before I started I could barely do half the movements. I have been at CNB for a little over six months and I wouldn’t go to any other gym! The coaches are amazing and the workouts are tough but so much fun! If you can’t do a movement the coaches will help you find something to replace it with. They have so much knowledge and are more than willing to help. I have grown so much in such a short amount of time, thank you to all the coaches! I 100% recommend CNB!! As Cody would say “You may be bent, but you’re never broken”

Taylor Hughes

March 13, 2020

I needed a change from my normal routine and tried Crossfit Never Broken. I've been to other crossfit gyms and studio/group gyms but none of them were as supportive or comfortable as CNB. The coaches and members are friendly and personable! The coaches focus on safety and give you the tools to improve and scale your workouts to your needs. I highly recommend CNB!

Carley Martin

March 10, 2020

CFNB is an awesome gym with really welcoming staff. Everyone is easy going and excited about getting fitter. Definitely check this place out!

Cody Ryan

February 26, 2020

Great coaches and healthy programming in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. The coaches are knowledgeable and attentive, correcting form when needed in order to prevent injuries for those of us who are less experienced with some of the technical weightlifting movements. I've been searching a long time for a supportive gym community that embraces all ages, fitness levels and goals, and I'm so glad to have finally found it at CrossFit Never Broken. Thanks for all that you guys do!

Lauren Sorgen

February 3, 2020

My wife and I joined around a year ago in March of 2019 and have loved being a member of Crossfit Never Broken. Everyone here is encouraging and welcoming to everyone who walks through the doors. All of the coaches enjoy seeing your progression and push you to better yourself everyday. They also stress the importance of safety. I’ve always been the type that goes to a regular gym, but needed something different and Never Broken has exceeded my expectations. The people here are the main reason for that. If you’re on the fence about CrossFit you should definitely give this gym a chance.

Paden Huff

January 15, 2020

CrossFit Never Broken is my favorite CrossFit gym I’ve been too! The programming and coaches are great. Everyone is super welcoming and supportive as well. Overall a really great gym for any level of CrossFit!!

Taylor Goodson

January 15, 2020

Great gym with a phenomenal staff highly recommend

Seth Dean

January 14, 2020

Me and my wife just joined, and has been nothing but first class. The coaches are amazing and focus on your individual needs and teach, and show you the correct ways to do each work out while pushing you to give your best effort! It is truly a family atmosphere and everyone is supportive. This has been the best decision for us and look forward to the future with Cross fit Never broken!

Dane Olen

January 11, 2020

CrossFit Never Broken is an excellent place to accomplish your fitness goals. The gym has excellent coaches who will keep you motivated and will happily work with you to make sure you learn the movements of all the lifts and workouts. CrossFit Never Broken has people of all different fitness levels, and everyone is welcoming as well as friendly. The equipment that you use is in great condition and I have personally seen noticeable, physical gains in the short time I have attended.

Clint Maune

January 9, 2020

A place where people genuinely care about you with the same goal of improving fitness and life.

Jezreil Leslie

December 13, 2019

I took my first step toward a healthier me after nearly 20 years of not doing any regular exercise about a week after turning 39. Crossfit Never Broken welcomed me with knowledgeable coaches, encouraging and non-judgemental members, and as I approach another decade, I’m confident my 40’s will be stronger and more energetic than my 30’s, no small part in thanks to CNB! Drop in, come try it out, don’t be intimidated, and you won’t regret it!

K Russell

November 23, 2019

This crossfit is great! I came here 2 months before boot camp and it prepared me greatly for the challenges there. I would recommended this crossfit for people of all skill levels and the staff here are very kind and helpful.


November 18, 2019

May 2018 I decided to give this gym a shot and I have enjoyed it ever since!! Each day you feel welcome and supported by the coaches and members! I have made so many friends that I now consider family!! Also losing 32lbs is a great feeling 🙂 Highly recommend this gym!!

Brittany Deemer

October 3, 2019

treated right and pushed hard. what more could you ask for?

nathan helm

October 1, 2019

Stopped for a workout while on my roadtrip. I was treated great by a super friendly staff and current members. If you are in need a great workout this the stop!

Joshua Pettes

August 31, 2019

I love this gym! Great coaches and a wonderful community! Workouts are always fun and challenging!

Christy Marske

August 30, 2019

CrossFit Never Broken is such a welcoming place. I was worried about coming in for only a few months over the summer as I go to school in another state but I enjoyed working out every time I went. I actually never missed a day besides if I was out of town! This gym felt like and will always be like family! If you are looking for a CrossFit gym to try out I cant recommend this one more!! You won’t regret trying it out one bit!! (I met the man of my dreams here too, so single people definitely give it a try you could meet your man/woman too)

Rylie Schellhardt

August 18, 2019

I was traveling and needed to spend a week at a gym to keep my CrossFit going strong. I wrote a few gyms and Corey got right back to me and invited me to train. I finished the week and came here for the review. First, the space was nice and wide open. I like to warm up and stretch out solo before the workout and found everything I needed easily (PVC pipes, bands, muscle rollers). I'm sure it can get hot later in the summer, but the Oklahoma breeze swept through the large open doors and felt great! I did the 9:30 classes and was still able to find an experienced crowd. Yes, moms and kids at that time, but they were there to work hard and push. Handstand pushups, kipping pullups, fast paces on the runs, and a steady push to beat the clock were the norm. Everyone was welcoming, upbeat and talkative to this stranger. 🙂 I worked with two trainers while I was there, Corey and Preston. They explained each workout carefully beforehand, asked for questions, made personal modifications when needed and kept close watch on any who needed guidance or inspiration. The workouts were what I am used to, the ones I attended had a strong focus on the posterier chain. The four person team was new to me and a lot of fun, social and exhausting. I don't compete, but did see yearly posters on the wall showing that they do go up to competition level for those who can. I'll be back for sure when I return next year, thanks for a great experience!


June 28, 2019

If you live in the Edmond area, you should be going to this gym. The relaxed atmosphere is what sets this gym apart from the others. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get a good work out and see results here. It just makes it easier with the friendly and outgoing people who make up the Never Broken Family. Plus after all is over, there’s always people staying after and talking.

Kevin Cheshier

June 7, 2019

Excellent place to get your fit on.


I joined CrossFit in January it had been 8years since I had worked out. I can’t stress enough how amazing this place is I’ve got 13screws in my left ankle thinking I would never be able to do CrossFit but time and time again I’ve proved my self wrong with the amazing help of the coaches willing to scale any workout so I felt comfortable doing it even when I broke my right foot they *not while working out* I kept right on coming knowing they wouldn’t let me give up. I am not a big people person but they have all made me feel welcomed and like I belonged !! Give it a try you will not regret it

Jessica Pierce

May 15, 2019

Amazing trainers and gym goers. Friendly environment with all the equipment you would ever need. Kid friendly / Animal friendly.

Matthew Ellis

May 9, 2019

I started CrossFit back up in February and I love the Never Broken family. So much support no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Cody is a great coach making sure you’re doing your lifts correctly and explaining why. I look forward to going to the gym.

Nadja Williams

April 24, 2019

Never in my life would I have ever even thought me, of all people, you know the one that cannot even do a pull up, would compete let alone WIN anything resembling a sport. That's for kids! You guys! Cross fit is not for super big, muscled up people. It's for anyone. It's the best health decision I've ever made. I love it. My 1 year celebration of Cross fit was April 1st. I've never stuck with a fitness regimen for this long, ever. Now I cannot I image not doing it. Please join us. Our gym is the best! The biggest, nope. But it is the best place if you want to have the very best support, gain confidence, get stronger, or have the greatest community of like minded ordinary people helping you succeed and not giving up along with the best coaches at every workout ensuring you are working at your level and doing it correctly. Join us on your own. You will find a workout friend and have that encouragement and motivation you need! Or bring a friend and push each other. Come join us CrossFit Neverbroken

Miranda Worden

April 23, 2019

Gym: The coaches always push you and are always there to help you learn proper form and improve your skills. I’ve had several times where the coaches have helped me one-on-one with lifts, gymnastic movements and even nutrition/meals. When I first started CrossFit I was nervous about my ability to do it all, but quickly found reassurance that no matter what my skill level was, the coaches always found a way to modify the movements to tailor to my abilities. Community: The CNB community is like another family. The people there are great and are always supportive of each other both inside and outside of the gym. Typically if I’m not at work or home, I’m at CNB. Most of my friends that I have, are CNB members.

Megan Butler

April 7, 2019

Cody, Blake, and Preston all do an awesome job coaching and encouraging you to not only get better but exceed your own expectations!

Rezin Zook

March 23, 2019

This truly is a great gym with an experienced and knowledgeable staff as well as welcoming members. I was a little reluctant to join a CrossFit gym after hearing horror stories about CrossFit related injuries. From the time I step foot in the door I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by coaches that ensure correct form and weight combinations. They familiarize you with the movements and lifts to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Cody, Blake and the rest of the CNB staff do a great job keeping you on track to reach what ever goal you have, from first time to competitor. A+ gym.

Austin Schuh

March 12, 2019